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The Importance of Patronage: James J. Mackie

Another reality of the film business is that very few films can happen without “financing” – which is the code word for cold, hard cash. Patronage either in the form of government, or broadcaster, or studio assistance is a must to get movies made.

For a number of reasons government assistance wasn’t really available to us decades ago, and I chose the route of trying to get private investment to finance our dream. Between 1999 and 2002, James J. Mackie and his wife Debbi stepped up and put up the funds for our four films. The House of Luk, A Taste of Jupiter, Punch & Judy, and The Kiss of Debt.

Jim was an amazing man. He believed in our collective talents and supported our development with investments in grip and lighting gear, a couple of Russian 35mm cameras, AVID non-linear editing suites – and the list goes on. Sadly Jim passed away in 2003, and one of the good guys was gone way too young.

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