Writer's Blockg

Whoa – that’s a lot of stuff!

Four Months ago when I embarked on this “re-tooling” of my website I thought I’d go through a few boxes of stuff, look at the videos I had digitized, write a couple of stories to go with them, and I’d be done. I just didn’t remember how much stuff there was – I’d thrown out over a hundred bankers boxes of tapes and docs. I kept just a bit of it – or so I thought.

What I’ve been able to post here, and the scant writing back-up I’ve been able to provide just barely scratches the surface. Therefore, there are video’s posted in many of the timeline years – especially if you go into the “way back machine”showing work from the 8o’s – that explain little, if anything at all. As time allows, I’ll just start adding info, and more pics and videos. I’m not sure who will view this, or if anyone will see this stuff. If I haven’t mentioned someone associated with the project or what they did – I will get around to it – promise.

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