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The first two dots connect

In the bottom of one the bankers boxes labelled “misc” I found this small reel of 16mm film. Disco Canuck was the very first visual project I was ever involved with. And other than being in the production I don’t remember the role I played. I believe it was written by John Handforth and Eric …

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Whoa – that’s a lot of stuff!

Four Months ago when I embarked on this “re-tooling” of my website I thought I’d go through a few boxes of stuff, look at the videos I had digitized, write a couple of stories to go with them, and I’d be done. I just didn’t remember how much stuff there was – I’d thrown out …

James Burke of Connections
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The Dots Connect-Eventually

Connections One of my favourite television series of all time was James Burke’s Connections. To quote the Wikipedia page – “It took an interdisciplinary approach to the history of science and invention, and demonstrated how various discoveries, scientific achievements, and historical world events were built from one another successively in an interconnected way to bring …

North Bay Waterfront
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Why North Bay? Why now?

The reality and truth about the film and television explosion in Northern Ontario is that none of it would be happening without the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund. I came to Northern Ontario (Sudbury) on an NOHFC funded project as a Director in 2007 (Les Productions Charbonneau’s Météo+). At the time I believed that it would …