Radio Ads – The award winners

Between 1979 and 1983 Myself, Rick Jones and John Tarzwell wrote and performed in something like a 1,000 radio commercials. We went from relative obscurity in Ottawa to winning National and International recognition for our radio advertising work. Most of the voicing was done by the inimitable and talented Rick Jones and John Tarzwell. This little reel was put together to show what was some of our top work at the time. Winning a Clio award was akin to winning an Oscar in the advertising world at the time. 

Derek's Recollections:

We were one of the best audio production houses in North America, but we were in Ottawa and nobody believes that anything that comes out of that area code could be any good.

But we won RVC Awards which were in Los Angeles. We won marketing Awards in Toronto and the big one, which was the Cleo’s. At the time they were kind of like the Academy Awards of advertising and we won a Cleo which was pretty amazing.

It didn’t do anything for us career-wise in Ottawa, you know, we were still doing stuff for bupkiss. But we were moving. Our plan at the time, this being Rick Jones and myself, wanted to do comedy. We wanted to use our radio commercials to get us jobs doing comedy which eventually happened.

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