Jerry Rigged

Jerry (Glen Gould) is an Indigenous, former army medic and Afghan war vet,  suffering from PTSD, living in a decommissioned missile silo in the cold war Bomarc missile site in North Bay. He suffers the full gamut of trauma – anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger and a host of mood disorders. He’s also got cancer, but refuses to leave the safety of his bunker for any reason. The job of delivering his chemo treatment falls to aging, dyspeptic doctor Gerald Slate (Eric Peterson) who’s going blind. The two men come together in the bunker and minister to each others injuries, but the rush of the chemo treatment brings Jerry’s war home.

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Derek's Recollections:

I’ve been fascinated with North Bay’s Cold War Bomarc Missile site ever since I toured it for a possible location for Hard Rock Medical in 2014. The 1950’s architecture, rusted buildings, abandoned “computer” rooms and silo signage that list explosives personnel limits and numbers of warheads – give one pause to think of how scary the world was at that time. Every time I visit the Bomarc it evokes ideas for possible stories – like one about a soldier suffering from PTSD, hiding out in the decommissioned silo’s trying to keep the outside world at bay – an idea that eventually evolved into this short film.

Derek's Role: Producer, Writer, Director

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