Hammy Hitler

There’s no stopping Hammy Hitler and his Ratzi Party Regime. Along with the Aid of his evil henchmen Benito Mouselini and Tojo Jijio, Hammy sets out to gain control of the Riverbank towns of Munster, Gouda, and Hamsterdam – all for the sake of…you guessed it…Cheese.

Derek's Recollections:

When we were kids growing up in the 60s, one of the seminal television shows, which I think was done at CBC, was called Hammy Hamster.

And once again, this is a pure Rick Jones kind of thing. Rick having a very twisted mind, wanted to do a parody. Except instead of Hammy Hamster, it was Hammy Hitler.

Basically a short form of the Second World War done with hamsters, snakes, and mice.

And another thing that Rick loved – puns.

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