Having been the face of Radio in my early career, I naturally turned to putting my Radio face in front of the camera. Below lies my short-lived modeling career in all it’s glory.

Of course, since getting paid in clothing isn’t the best way to put food on the table, I soon abandoned all hope that someday I’d find my way into the Sears catalog and moved onto other more fruit-filled endeavors

Derek's Recollections:

I used to be good-looking when I was younger and some people found that attractive and I used to wear clothes. That’s me mocking my very short live modeling career many years ago when I had a straighter nose.

I used to model for a company called The Kettle Creek Canvas Company. In this particular case, Skit Row had a kind of uniform. Our uniform was black pants and a white shirt. We looked like a bunch of waiters. It was our thing.

So we got to show at the National Art Center and I had a friend who had the Kettle Creek Canvas Company, where I would go to buy stuff on my own. When this show was coming up at the Art Center I asked if she would want to sponsor the group. She agreed under the condition that I model. So she gave us shirts, emblazoned with our Skit Row logo on the breast pocket, and pants and such.

It was a pretty good deal. I ended up modeling and got paid in clothes lots of clothes.

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