Hard Rock Medical

Hard Rock Medical Season 1

Season One of Hard Rock Medical brought a ragtag group of medical hopefuls face to face with the reality of delivering health care in the North. The eight first year students and four full time faculty members delivered on the promise of Dr. Dallaire’s opening statement – “If you give us your body and soul,..More Info

Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is a New Zealand horror comedy film about a modern-day family of Māori cannibals who are taken hostage by a gang of criminals. The Film was a Canadian Co-Production that stars Temuera Morrison (The Book of Boba Fett, The Mandalorian,  Star Wars) Kate Elliott (Wentworth, Jean) and Hanna Tevita (Terry Teo, Daffodils) Check..More Info

The Quantum Tamers: Revealing Our Weird and Wired Future

From deep inside the sewers of Vienna, site of groundbreaking quantum teleportation experiments, to cutting-edge quantum computing labs, to voyages into the minds of the worlds brightest thinkers, including renowned British scientist Stephen Hawking, The Quantum Tamers: Revealing Our Weird and Wired Future is a television documentary that explores the coming quantum technological revolution. Winner..More Info

The Flight of the Bumblebee

In the mid to late 80’s I was writing, and co-writing a lot of scripts for animated television shows and was feeling frustrated by the toy-driven nature of the business. I pretty much stopped writing animation and at that point started to write my own kids stories. I wrote about 4 or 5 different books..More Info

Mann To Mann

“Mann To Mann” is the story of the Mann sisters; blustery Veronica, who insists on being called “Ronnie”, and beleaguered Victoria, who insists on being called “Victoria.” When their father lapses into a coma, his living will dictates that Victoria run Hot Shots, the male strip club that is the family cash cow. Victoria, a..More Info

A Taste of Jupiter

Everybody and their brother in Little Italy has a story. But few bring together a celestial event, a one-of-a-kind ring, a mysterious man in a white suit, petty jealousy, loving larceny, a would-be gondolier, a duel, and a very full spittoon. Eight people’s lives are about to change as Jupiter and Venus come together in..More Info

Kiss of Debt

Tino Mariano, an aspiring opera singer indebted to a Mob boss. Money is no object, but when you are in debt there’s no turning back. A classic comedic romp about an Opera obsessed Mafia Don who’s used to having people sing from his song sheet. The libretto changes when a florist, a widower and a..More Info