Punch and Judy

In the seedy world of Rock bars and booze cans Punch (nicknamed Atlas because of his Greek descent) is known as a pint-sized bouncer with a big reputation. To Judy, who’s notorious for misreading people, he’s a Turkish musician with the gentle demeanor of a teddy bear. Add a philandering professor, a jailed philosophizing bar..More Info

Ottawa: Technically Funny Season 1

Ottawa Technically was a rare opportunity to do a comedy show just about Ottawa – and not the political side of Ottawa. These shows were the culmination of close to 20 years of working and entertaining in Ottawa. They had a ridiculous budget of $15K per episodes. They were entirely written by Dan Lalande and..More Info

House of Luk

Three lives are about to change…three fortunes are about to unfold…three cookies are about to be eaten… House of Luk is more than just a Chinese Restaurant. It’s where people talk about their problems, fall in love and learn about life. Follow the comic mis-adventures of three men as they figure out what it means..More Info

Two's a Mob Poster

Two’s A Mob

A misfit crime family rises to the top and struggles to stay there.

The Railway Dragon

A little girl named Emily knows that there is something special in the railway tunnel close to her home, despite no one else thinking so. One day she decides to see for herself, exploring around the tunnel. Emily is amazed when she comes face to face with a centuries-old dragon.

The Raccoons

The Raccoons

The adventures of a family of Raccoons and their friends. The series revolves around Bert Raccoon and married couple Ralph and Melissa Raccoon, of whom Bert is a friend and roommate. The series mostly involved the trio’s efforts against the industrialist forces of greedy aardvark millionaire Cyril Sneer, who usually tries to destroy the forest..More Info

Skit Row on the Road

Skit Row Hits The Road

We had our own club, a second company, a rehearsal space, offices, and not enough money to support the enterprise. So we started “touring” and this was the demo tape we put together to try and get gigs – which we did. We worked a lot in Northern Ontario – Playing Sudbury (5 times), Blind..More Info